Our Ministry Leaders

Edward Bryant

First Elder

Email: firstelder@pineforgechurch.org

Henry Beck

Head Deacon

Email: headdeacon@pineforgechurch.org

Diedra Alston

Head Deaconess

Email: headdeaconess@pineforgechurch.org

Delphine Charles

Church Clerk

Email: clerk@pineforgechurch.org

Kollette Bryant


Email: treasurer@pineforgechurch.org

Louis Manning

Communication Leader

Email: communication@pineforgechurch.org


Audrey Booker

Health Ministries

Email: healthministries@pineforgechurch.org

Anthony Thomas

Community Service

Email: communityservice@gmail.com

Daphne Beck


Email: hospitality@pineforgechurch.org

Damali Caine

Adventist Youth Society

Email: adventistyouth@pineforgechurch.org

Dereica Bodden-Bertus

Children Ministry

Email: childrenministry@pineforgechurch.org

Emily Doggette

Womens Ministry

Email: womensministry@pineforgechurch.org

Gloria Perry

Education Secretary

Email: educationsecretary@pineforgechurch.org

Gwen Norwood

Personal Ministry Secretary 

Email: personalministrysecretary@pineforgechurch.org

Kandi Cooper

Home and School

Email: homeandschool@pineforgechurch.org

Lawrence Perry

Personal Ministries 

Email: personalministries@pineforgechurch.org

Maria Romero

Sabbath School Superintendent

Email: sschoolsuperintendent@pineforgechurch.org

Pearlita Jones

50 Plus

Email: 50plus@pineforgechurch.org

Thaddious Privette


Email: stewardship@pineforgechurch.org


Bulletin Secretary

Email: bulletin@pineforgechurch.org

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Pine Forge Seventh-day Adventist Church

339 Pine Forge Road

Pine Forge, PA 19548

Church Office: 610-327-2310

Pastor Number: 484-366-1844

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