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Worship Services, Pine Forge Academy events, Parent Weekend and Parent Appreciation and National Pine Forge Academy Alumni Association.

Live Every Saturday @ 10AM
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View live Events, chat live during events and post your prayer request during our worship service. You can also send them by clicking the link below and submit your prayer request.


A healthy lifestyle includes; 

Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest and

Trust in God


Girl Praying

Prayer Meeting & Prayer Line

Call number

(605) 313-5086

Passcode 1096733#



Praying Together

Wednesday Night
Prayer Service

Call number

(605) 313-5086

Passcode 1096733#

How to build a balanced fitness routine

How to build a balanced fitness routine

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Six healthy habits to increase energy

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8th to 12th Grade Boarding Academy


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