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Covid Update

- Proof of negative COVID rapid test required 48hrs prior to any church event

- Masks are required to be worn throughout the event. (KN95 or KF94 Mask for attendance)


- Check in at the main entrance for temperature check and other instructions.


- No meet or greet in the church only permitted outside

Greetings Church Family,


I write to inform you that under advisement by its medical consultants, the AEC administration has issued a decree relative to the spike in COVID cases. Effective immediately, all AEC churches must revert to virtual assembly only (official notice attached).


Due to its increased virulence and transmission rate, the surge of COVID cases is quite alarming. This along with the fact that those infected may also be asymptomatic constrains us to act with due caution.


As of today, church worship assemblies will take place via media broadcast. Until further notice.


Further, we are insistent that until further notice, those who will physically attend future services must wear either a KN-95 mask or a KF-94 mask. Cloth masks are ineffective to prevent transmission of the COVID omicron variant.


Please take every precaution for your health and safety, including booster vaccinations and use of more effective masking. For those most vulnerable, shelter in place as much as possible and have goods delivered to your home.


That said, let's keep track of each other and remain resilient in spirit and faith.


With loving concern,


Pastor Stephen A. L. Richardson

Pine Forge Seventh-day Adventist Church

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